GPSailing PRO Activation License

100,00 price excluding tax

Purchase this license activation to enable the features of GPSailing PROFESSIONAL Edition.

Data for license activation: 1

Please enter the full name of the final user of the software.
Please provide the email address of the final user of the license.
Download GPSailing and run it in your computer to know the version of the software you will be using.
This field can't be Empty. Download GPSailing and run it in your computer to get the MAC Code required


The GPSailing PRO License Activation File activates the possibility to add multiple tracks to the analysis.

Use it to compare different boats in your team and to showcase the effect of racing tactics.

In order to purchase this Activation File you need to have GPSailing downloaded and installed on your computer. Download it free HERE. The program will provide you the required fields* you will need to fill in to complete the purchase.

*Required software and hardware fields. GPSailing is activated for every version and computer. Therefore you will need to provide the version of the software you are running and the hardware code provided by the program.

The License Activation File is valid for 1 year. After the expiration date, the program will revert to the BASIC mode. Wee will kindly send you a reminder to renew your license. If you change your computer during the validity of your License Activation File we will complimentary provide you with another License Activation File for your new computer.

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